Runny St. Marcellin straight from the oven.

Runny St. Marcellin, straight from the oven.

A pot of St. Marcellin cheese is just what the doctor ordered for a laaaazy winter-day repast.

I was too impatient to wait for it to get to room temperature, so I popped it directly from the vegetable crisper to the oven.  St. Marcellin is good warm and super runny or just as it is and runny-ish.  I got the best of all possible worlds: I had the stuff left from the wrappers cold from the fridge with just my index finger (be one with one’s food, I say!); warm with just my index fingers (it was dripping too much from the crackers and I didn’t have any baguette), and room temperature with some crackers.

That's a crock of cheese!

That's a crock of cheese!

The last glass in the bottle of Merlot I opened a week ago went very well indeed with this wicked crock pot.