My bath salts are my pre-study session guilt-trip mood-enhancer and after-exam PTSD meds sleep aid.  I usually have at least 3 kinds around: for low energy, for muscle tension, and for muscle pain.  I have found bath salt to work really well in chasing away those little fork-wielding creatures who – according to the La Salle brothers in my distant, yet always-in-my-rear view-mirror, past – like to hang-out on one’s left – yes, left; because the other camp has reserved seating on the right one – shoulder and whisper us stuff like: sod the homework, hang moderation, etc.  But these little grains of mind-altering magic have a less (or more!) noble purpose.  After a night of intemperance, 10 minutes in the-uncomfortable-side-of-40C* [well, I suck it up!] bath with a capful of rosemary bath salts and half a cap of lavender salts, followed by 15 seconds of icy shower, and these old bones are like new again!  Two liters of cold water later, and I can again say:  Bring it on!

* Cover-my-neck disclaimer:  If you are someone who will try just about anything you read over the internet  instead of using your common sense or seeking medical advise, 40C is NOT HEALTHY FOR YOU so DO NOT TRY this!  I’m serious.  Go ask your doctor for appropriate advise.

It has been said that rosemary bath salts were used in ancient Greece to "chase away evil spirits".  Well, it is used to ward off the effects of another kind of spirits - not necessarily evil - in our present times.